Week 7 - New Years

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
The week leading up to 2010 was full of sweets around the office as well as a smorgasbord of goodies at my buddy’s New Years Eve party. The cigars and scotch probably didn’t assist my fitness level, but some things cannot be sacrificed… even in the pursuit of marathon glory.

There were some training ups and downs over the past few days. Thursday my attempt at a barefoot mile on the Yuba HS track ended prematurely after a lap due to the seriously sharp all weather surface killing my pampered footsies. I did manage to complete that lap in 5 min mile pace because I wanted the pain to end as soon as possible. After the barefoot fiasco, I limped around the track and did a few more 400 repeats before ending the disappointing day. On Sunday I more than made up for the lame track performance with a strong 5 mile run around the Marysville Levee system. Next week is my first 10k (6.2 mi) in preparation for the BSIM. My goal is to come in under the 50 minute mark.

-Dec 28: Rowed 5000 meters, completed 24 minute interval training on elliptical machine at gym.

-Dec 29: Ran 2 miles in VFF’s on treadmill, situps, sidebends.

-Dec 30: Biked for 20 minutes (8 imaginary miles), dumbbell flies and bench press, pullups, and upright rows.

-Dec 31: Ran four 400m repeats at Yuba HS track.

-Jan 3: Ran 5 miles around Marysville levee system, through riverfront park, to the old cemetery north of town, back through Ellis Lake Park.


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