Week 9 - Hobo Hill

Saturday, January 16, 2010
With a little more than 3 months of preparation left, I am finding myself reluctant to increase training mileage. Instead I have replaced my weights in the gym with extra cardio time, and have begun running shorter more intense routines.

On Thursday I went out to River Front Park and ran 10 hill repeats on the bike trail that runs up the levee below 5th St Bridge. The route runs parallel to the levee at bottom and then shifts into a S-curve up the slope. According to the Yuba County Water Agency, these levees stand roughly 35' above street level. If my google map measuring tool is correct, that'd give me about a 5.8% slope for the 600' long course: only slightly steeper than the 2 mile long hill that begins at mile 10 of The BSIM. The only unfortunate aspect of this location is that it appears to be a homeless person hot-spot. No harm was done, however, and having a few prying eyes on me actually forced me to run a little harder than was intended.

My long run of the week was a 6 mile out and back between the north and south ends of Plumas Lake. I didn't keep an exact time, but the run was somewhere around 45 minutes. For some reason I developed a blister on my right pinkie toe. I can imagine the pain I would have been in if I needed to run 20 more miles with that thing tore open. Also, my practices are getting long enough that I should be carrying some water. Next weekend my plan is to run an 8 miler to get my legs more accustomed to longer treks. I believe that I will buy a field belt to carry some small bottles along and wear my wool toe socks for blister prevention.

-Jan 11: Took it easy on the cardio after my weekend 10k. Bench press, crunches, sidebends, lat pulls, and 2000 meters rowing.

-Jan 12: Ran 2 miles on treadmill wearing VFF's. Rowed another 3000 meters.

-Jan 13: Rowed 5000 meters, dumbell flies, pullups, upright rows, situps, and sidebends.

-Jan 14: Did 10 consecutive repeats up and down what I am calling "Hobo Hill".

-Jan 16: 6 mile run through Plumas Lake subdivision. Roughly took 45 min.


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