Week 6 - Christmas

Monday, December 28, 2009
The holiday season was in full effect this week. Not to a be a grinch, but for training reasons I have been looking forward to the end of this year's festivities. A few pounds do seem to be trickling off my waistline even with all the 1000 calorie meals. I am down below the 180 lb mark for the first time since entering the professional world. Ideally I would like to maintain this weight; to lose more likely also means sacrificing muscle mass. At the same time, every pound that can be shed prior to running a marathon is said to make the trek much easier. Can I get to a healthy 170 lb over the next 4 months?

Before consuming 2 gigantic holiday dinners, I registered for two 10k's to offset the guilt. Race schedule now looks to be a good ramp up leading into the BSIM:

January 9: Lou Gehrig 10k in Roseville

February 14: Together With Love 10k in Pacific Grove

March 8: Bidwell Classic Half Marathon in Chico

April 25: Big Sur International Marathon

My routine didn't suffer too badly this week. I was able to get in 4 decent workouts and even ran barefoot for the first time. Barefooting around an all weather track was an interesting sensation, probably numbed a bit from the cool temperatures. The half mile felt natural, yet it will take some time to get over worrying about stepping on sharp objects.

-Dec 21: Ran 2 miles in VFF's on treadmill. Rowed 2000 meters, crunches, and sidebends.

-Dec 22: Rowed 3000 meters, rode stationary bike for 20 minutes, leg presses, and pullups.

-Dec 23: Ran 1/2 mile barefoot at Yuba College all-weather track, then ran 2.5 miles in shoes.

-Dec 26: Ran 4 mile loop around Marysville levees and Riverfront Park.


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