Week 8 - My First 10k

Monday, January 11, 2010
Following last Sunday's 5 mile run around town, I rested my running legs couple days. My workouts consisted of rowing, biking, and mostly core strengthening exercises.

On Wednesday I decided to see what these crazy "mile-repeats" are all about. Multiple running sources cite repeats as a real test. My mistake was running the second mile in my VFF's and not taking them off after the first signs of tightness in mile 1. After sitting down to change into my Asics for the third and final mile, I could barely even walk. After a half lap around the track with the missus, I decided to push through and endure the final repeat. My calves were so tight for the next 2 days that it was a serious task just climbing a flight of stairs.

Looking back, doing the repeats was a great way to increase running pace. I would have done them a day earlier if I had known in advance that my 10k was on Saturday and not on Sunday as I had been anticipating. However, ibuprofin does wonders and I not only came in under the 50 minute goal of mine, but crushed that mark by nearly 5 minutes. The chip time was 45:02 and I have to say that my personal photographer (wife) was caught so off guard that all she captured was my backside in the pictures. Now I am thinking that sub 7 minute miles are a possibility at the upcoming valentine's day 10k in Pacific Grove.

-Jan 4: Rowed 5000 meters, and did 24 minutes of interval training on the elliptical machine in gym.

-Jan 5: Rode bike for 8 miles (20 minutes), situps, sidebends, pullups.

-Jan 6: Mile repeats at Yuba College track. Mile 1 - 6:30, Mile 2 - 7:00, Mile 3 - 7:20. Note that the first 2 were in VFF's and the third was more of a hobble due to tight calf muscles.

-Jan 9: Lou Gehrig 10k in Roseville. Chip Time = 45:02.


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