Week 4 - Wifey Reunion

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I was only able to get 2 runs in this week due to all the driving/moving/cleaning involved with shifting the missus back home. Her semester at grad school is over and I have been looking forward to getting her all to myself for the winter. Needless to say, I had let things become a little cluttered around my apartment since I would spend every weekend with her in Monterey. My workouts suffered as I took time to civilize once again.

Coworker lunches and parties this time of year make keeping a consistent workout routine more difficult than usual. Missed my Tuesday lunch workout for this reason, but did run right after work to make up for the conflict. Was not able to do the same after a birthday luncheon on Weds. Will need to take these events into account and plan ahead for the rest of the holidays.

-Dec 7: Raining hard all day. Ran 2.5 miles on treadmill, followed by 20 minutes on stationary bike in gym.

-Dec 8: 2.5 more miles on the treadmill. Finished with crunches and sidebends.


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