Week 3 - CIM Spectator

Monday, December 7, 2009
I only ran once in my VFF's this week. Concern with the soreness along the top of my foot led me to running in the old trainers again. A holiday party and corporate weekend meeting helped to counteract any gains that may have been achieved by training during the workweek.

In what was probably my best preparation for the BSIM, I witnessed a couple crazy acquaintances running the California International Marathon in Sacramento. Quico ran pretty consistent throughout the race and managed to take in a few calories here and there. Royce started off strong, but failed to eat a single thing during the 26.2 mile trek. Needless to say Quico caught up to Royce while he was cramping and coaxed him into finishing in just over the 4 hour mark. Seeing their pain and confusion at the finish line really hit home. Hopefully the message lasts to April 25 so I remember to keep my head on straight, run a smart race, and eat intermittently.

-Nov 30: Ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill in the VFF's before I felt a twinge picking up in my right arch. Finished with some crunches and side bends to try and build up core strength. Was nearly ran over later in the evening while walking about in the five-fingers. Note to self: no more evenings walking through this (explicit deleted) town alone. For multiple reasons.

-Dec 1: Put in 10 min on the rowing machine, 20 min on the upright bike, and 15 min on the reclined bike at the gym.

-Dec 2: Wore old trainers to the gym and ran another 2.5 miles. Worked lower and upper back, and did 3 sets of lunges.

-Dec 3: Cold weather kept me on the treadmill for another day. Ran a couple miles in my asics, and rode the upright bike for 20 min.

-Dec 6: Watched Quico and Royce complete the CIM. Even though they were barely coherent and freezing, pried their exhausted minds for helpful race advice.


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