Week 2 - Thanksgiving

Monday, November 30, 2009
Another week closer to running that first marathon. In case you were wondering, the holidays do not help with training for athletic events. My feet are adjusting slowly to life in the five fingers. Soreness still persists in the lower foot, calf, and now along the top part of my foot. These would be my extensor digitorum muscles? Guess my lazy toes are not used to functioning as individuals. Here's the rundown:

-Nov 23: Wore VFF's to gym and put in normal "push" routine. Mostly upper body and core work with some lunges thrown in. Ran for 5 mins on the treadmill.

-Nov 24: Worked out at gym, "pull" routine, in my old Asics during lunch. After work, drove down to Yuba College track. Used camcorder to record myself running a half mile in normal running shoes versus a half mile in the VFF's. Only noticed a subtle difference in stride length when playing back in half speed. I should note that my running technique has already begun to change due to basically running barefoot for the last 2 weeks.

-Nov 25: Soreness forced me to wear my Asics to the gym. Ran 20 minutes on treadmill and followed up with 16 minutes of interval training on the elliptical machine.

-Nov 29: After stuffing way too much stuffing, ran a mile with the wifey at the Monterey High School track in the VFF's. She didn't laugh at the sight.


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