Week 22 - Final Pre Race Entry

Friday, April 23, 2010
Welcome to my very last blog before race-day. After planning for and thinking about the BSIM for over 5 months, I can hardly believe the moment of truth is just days away. At night I lie awake trying to recall every turn and hill of the course, thinking this will lull me to sleep while mentally preparing me for the long run. All it does is slowly take my resting heart rate up to fight-or-flight pace. Each morning this week I've woke up prior to 5 AM to adjust my body for Sunday's 3:30 AM wakeup. I'm thinking that I'll let myself sleep in on Saturday.

Last week was when most the marathoners probably began to taper off their training. Even though I haven't been able to accumulate loads of miles, I backed off a bit myself by ending the 3 hr cardio circuits. Continued Yoga, ran a handful of treadmill miles, and powered up a 1 mile hill next to wifey's apt in Monterey.

This week I focused on staying injury free and maintained a healthy diet. I ran a brisk 45 minute treadmill session on Monday without any issues. The weather was cool and windy on Wednesday, so I was inspired to run outdoors in the Big Sur-like climate. Several months have passed since my legs felt this strong and pain free.

My parents are now beginning to get excited about spectating. Just as I was getting comfortable with the 26.2 mile challenge, and thinking that I'll just give it my best shot... Dad calls up saying how proud him and mom will be to see me run across the finish line. Stupid loving parents with all their added pressure! Oh well, guess I shouldn't complain... ha. Hopefully I'll be back to give a post race assessment. Looking forward to checking out the Vibram booth at the expo and maybe getting a photo with Dean Karnazes.

PS: I've developed this genius strategery to handle increasing temperatures along the course. Going to wear an old t-shirt beneath my fleet feet tank-top. Will affix my bib to the tank and ditch the t-shirt somewhere along the course. Who cares if I look like a clown for the first 10 miles?

-Apr 12: 20 min run on treadmill, half hour bike.

-Apr 13: 1 hr Yoga.

-Apr 14: 20 min run on treadmill, half hour bike.

-Apr 15: 1 hr Yoga.

-Apr 16: Ran from Monroe St up to Veterans Park twice. Hill has roughly 350' gain along the 1 mile route.

-Apr 19: 45 minute run on treadmill. Maintained 7:30 min/mile pace.

-Apr 20: 1 hr Yoga.

-Apr 21: 2 mile run along the levees. Cool, windy, felt fast and smooth.

-Apr 22: 1 hr Yoga.

-Apr 23: Plan on running a short 2 miler along Monterey Bay.


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