Week 19 - Ian's B-Day

Friday, April 2, 2010
This week was mostly comprised of cross training again. I may not be able to control when my shins will be back to 100%, but the rest of me is going to be prepared for 4 hr of pain when we line up on April 25. My lovely wife was home for spring break, but she let me get a couple 2-a-day workout sessions in. She's probably going to be happy when the BSIM is over and I am a little less obsessed. There was also an opportunity for work to interfere with training when I had to travel to Eureka for a field review. I made the best of the situation,though, by busting my tail in the hotel fitness area.

My buddy Ian had a get-together for his upcoming 27th B-Day on Saturday. Part of the extravaganza was a 4 mile jaunt through Clearlake State Park. Jose was there too and three of us ran at an easy pace and discussed the meaning of life and stuff. Running with other people always seems to make the time fly by for me. I have to admit that the hill winded me, but recovery was quick on the long downhill section. Weather was gorgeous. Afterward I celebrated with beer, burritos, and some good bullshitting.

-Mar 22: Spartacus circuit at gym, followed by 1 mile on treadmill, 16 min on elliptical, 30 min on bike.

-Mar 23: 1 hr yoga during lunch. 20 min on treadmill, 30 min on bike after work.

-Mar 24: Spartacus circuit, 16 min intervals on elliptical, and 30 min biking.

-Mar 25: Drove to McKinleyville for work, circuit training in weight room, 30 min biking.

-Mar 26: Walk/jogged up and down 3 miles of State Route 96 in Humboldt county while taking inventory of damaged pavement to address on project.

-Mar 27: Ran 4 miles through Clearlake State Park with Ian and Jose. Run was easy compared to the drive from Eureka to Monterey that day.


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