Week 1 - VFF Crazyness

Friday, November 20, 2009
Running a marathon has been rattling around in the back of my head since I was 19 and running cross-country for the local junior college. Twelve years later and about 15 lb heavier (Monday), I finally worked up the machismo enough to register for the Big Sur International Marathon (BSIM). Granted, there was plenty of recent motivation that led to this decision. Last weekend a few friends ran in the Big Sur Half Marathon. Thousands of hyped up fit-farts were there in full effect. I have been logging a few 5k races recently, but witnessing the excitement of the 13-milers got my adrenaline pumping. When I mentioned the idea to an old buddy, and fellow x-country runner, he attested to already planning on running in the BSIM this year. He then went on to tell me that Oprah Winfrey ran a marathon in less than 4 hr 30 min. This was the kicker. If a yo-yo dieting talk show host can pull this off, then certainly any rugged stallion such as myself can do it. The BSIM is highly acclaimed: consistently ranked in the top 3 marathons in the country. Scenic but difficult, I am sure it will prove memorable if I survive. Three people bit the dust at this year's Detroit marathon.

Nov 14: Ran 7:30/mi pace in the Run Forrest Run 5k.

Nov 15: Offered moral support to friends running the Big Sur Half Marathon.

Nov 16: Keith - Bib # 2492, Jose - Bib #2504. It's On!

Nov 17: Drove an hour to Chico to buy a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (VFF's) that I've been reading so much about. After wearing them around the house, it was evident that I needed a size larger.

Nov 18, 5:30 PM: Exchanged sz 43's for sz 44's at Mountain Sports, Chico.
5:35 PM: Ran effortlessly through Bidwell Park for a mile in the new kicks.

Nov 19: Wore new monkey shoes to office. Mixed reception, some laughter, but curiosity seemed to be the overwhelming response. Muscles on feet mildly sore.

Nov 20: Calves SORE, feet loving life in the wool toe socks that I bought to wear with the VFF's. Despite the sore muscles, logged 2 more miles in the frog feet. Going to let the legs recover for a couple days now.


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