Week 17 - Recovery

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Following Saturday's half marathon, my first, I decided to take most of the week to recover. My plan was to run a 4-miler on Weds and then put in a nice 6-miler in Monterey on Friday.

I began to feel the familiar twinge of shin splints less than half a mile into Wednesday's run. The pain was mild, so I finished the course at an easy pace. Was I disappointed? A little bit. However, I did just surpass my personally longest distance ever ran by more than 3 miles. The realist in me dealt with the facts and decided to ease up on running for the rest of the week.

Friday's run turned into 1.5 hours of playtime at the Monterey Sports Center. That place is awesome. Great cardio and lifting equipment, not to mention the huge pool. Next week I plan on taking a dip while Sabina works in the morning.

On Sunday I was hanging out with the missus at Borders. While thumbing through the UK version of Runner's World, I came upon 10 Must Do World Races. Guess which California Marathon was on the list? The one and only BSIM. Everyday I become more amped-up to test myself against the 26.2 mile set of hills and headwinds. Hopefully next week I can plunge back into some serious road work.

-Mar 8: Legs tight from Saturday's race. Limited to 30 minutes on stationary bike, dumbell flies/bench, and crunches.

-Mar 9: 3 sets of 20 step-ups (each leg) with 20 lb dumbells, 10 minute hill routine on elliptical, 30 minutes on stationary bike.

-Mar 10: Lazy slug at lunch. Drank some coffee in the afternoon and did a 4 mile "recovery" run around the levees before sundown.

-Mar 11: 1 hr Yoga.

-Mar 12: 15 min elliptical, 20 min biking, bosu dumbell curls and military press, calf raises, leg curls, leg lifts, dumbell bench and flies.


mack.kevin said...

hit that pool with a vengeance, or maybe ride a bike and try to maintain a fast hard-pressed pace so you can get some non-impact endurance training in... that way, when you're taking it easy on your shins, you can still keep your other muscles (and lungs) in good endurance shape. If you really do regret having to take a break for your shins, you'd find alternatives.

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