Week 15 - Mack Armstrong

Monday, March 1, 2010
The rest taken this week may damage my half-marathon pace, but I didn't really have a choice. Every source of information that I found regarding shin splints stated that they only get worse without taking some time off the beaten path. At this time last year, who would have known how batty I would go without being able to run several miles?

-Feb 22: 0.5 hr biking, pull-ups, dumbell flies/bench, crunches.

-Feb 23: warmup on bike, 1.0 hr yoga at lunch.

-Feb 24: 0.5 hr biking, high-steps, heel kicks, sidebends.

-Feb 25: 1.0 hr yoga at lunch. Jogged to gym and back for 0.5 hr bike action after work.

-Feb 26: Jogged to gym and back for 0.5 hr bike action.

-Feb 28: Gorgeous day. Tested out calves/shins by running in between 9 holes
of disc golf in Oroville.


Jose said...

Man, I don't remember you ever having this much problems with your shins. Do you think it was partly due to the vff's? You'll probably kick ass this weekend with fresh legs.


Zilch to do with them... been shying away from their use as we get closer to D-Day. My first yr of x-country, I had terrible shin splints. It has more to do with sharp increases in mileage than anything else. Besides an infrequent 5k, I hadn't run much in ages.

mack.kevin said...

maybe you should ride bike more often as a sort of non-impact cross training... ?

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