Week 13 - Love In The Air

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Despite running an 8 miler last Friday, I wanted to get my longer run out of the way on Monday so I could recover for the upcoming 10k. The "Together With Love 10k" in Pacific Grove was supposed to just be another training event on my way to The BSIM. Achieving a PR is a huge motivational boost, though, and I wanted to give myself a decent chance to run sub-7's.

Marysville is literally a huge bowl. The rim of this bowl is a 35' tall levee system. I ran from my apartment up the levee and around the entire perimeter (7.75 miles) on Monday. My first intention was to just put in the miles. As I began, I decided it would be smart to run one song hard and slow it down for the next song, etc... That lasted for about 10 minutes. I gradually ramped up my speed to where it was just bearable. All systems were functioning great. The congestion in my sinuses has gone down considerably. Relating to dogs more so than most humans, I was happy to pet 4 or 5 of them running on the trail too. I ended up running 7 min 15 sec pace. Maybe I should count the minute spent stretching while waiting for a train to pass at mile 4... maybe not. Also of note, I have been wearing my helium2-fuelbelt for almost all runs these days. A little bit of water goes a long way and the pocket is just the right size for my zen (mp3) player. Very snug and comfortable fit.

I attended yoga class on Tuesday and Thurs. Each session is an hour long and almost too relaxing. Much of the soreness in my legs from Monday's and Wednesdays runs managed to melt away. I have done more challenging yoga routines at home, but usually can't make myself stick to it for more than half an hour. There were a few cohorts from work who were surprised to see me there, even my boss' boss' boss was in attendance. It would probably be smart to keep going just for the schmooze factor.

With 3 days of rest leading up to the Valentines Day 10k, I hit the ground running. Mile 1 split was 6:50. Mile 2 was 13:45. From then on I slowly faded and finished with a time of 44:10. I didn't achieve my goal, but did crush my previous PR by nearly a minute. Next Race: The Bidwell Classic - Half Marathon.

-Feb 8: 3/4 mile on treadmill wearing VFF's, 2000 meters rowing, pullups. 8 mile levee loop after work (7:15 min/mile).

-Feb 9: 1 hr Yoga.

-Feb 10: Lunch meeting therefore no gym. 4 mile run after work (7:45 min/mile). Legs pretty sore from running hard on Monday.

-Feb 11: 1 hr Yoga.

-Feb 14: Together With Love 10k in Pacific Grove. Chip Time 00:44:10 (7:07 min/mile).


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p.s. you should have let me design and host a blog for you using Wordpress... it's much more comment friendly. You don't have to log in using some pre-existing account with other places, and the admin panel is incredibly smooth. Blogspot = fail.


You're too young to be such a sourpuss. Better find a way to change your outlook or there will be some seriously bitter years to follow.

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